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Your maternal ggrandfather was probably listed in the Miskolc Jewish Birth records since his shtetl was small. The LDS Church has these records on microfilm. 1889 is covered on films #0642770 and 0642773. The films have the same records in different formats.

We are currently indexing those records but have not gotten as far as 1889.

Gary Deutsch
Roswell, GA

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Date: 2007/01/20 Sat AM 06:19:06 EST
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Subject: [h-sig] Need a Birth Certificate >from Muhi (aka Muhipuszta)

Dear Genners,

My maternal ggrandfather, Bela (Vojtech) Gruwnald, was born in 1889 in Muhipuszta, nowadays (assumingly) Muhi, 17km away >from Miskolc. I've been told Muhipuszta may have been at the time of birth a small settlement, and later on became Muhi. Can any of you verify that?

In addition, I need to obtain a modern copy of his birth certificate and have no contacts there. How do I do it?

Many thanks for your help,
Shaul Sharoni,

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