1848 Census of the Jews -- puzzles #hungary

Marian Brown

Dear All,

I need some help or at least some educated guesses.

The following is a the exact list of family members >from the 1848 census
of Bodolo, Hungary -- now Budulov, Slovakia:

Lisauer, Simon
Neje: Bernat Borbala
Lisauer, Joszef
Veje: Tirk Bernat

I understand that Bernat Borbala is the wife of Simon Lisauer, but how
do I interpret her name? Borbala, daughter of Bernat?

I understand that the next five names are their children.

As to Tirk Bernat, I understand that "Veje" means brother-in-law. Would
he be the brother-in-law of Simon Lissauer and perhaps a brother of
Bernat Borbala?

Or would he be a brother-in-law of the children and perhaps married to

Also, how do I interpret his hame? Tirk son of Bernat or would Tirk be
the surname and Bernat the given name?

Thanks for helping!

Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

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