Thank you, John #hungary

Giselle Bodziony

This is a reply to an email John wrote some days ago:

Dear John

Thank you very much for your touching lines - and that you had time and strenght to write them. Intuitively I believe that my grandfather might have escaped the same way out of the train as you did - but maybe it's only a straw I grasp at because I can't possibly imagine any other way my grandfather could have got to Budapest.
As I had no reliable documents and traces I've been investigating for more than 7 years (actually 32 years, 7 years more intensely) after my grandfather's and his family's faith.
My grandfather was born in Zsujta, but in 1926 he moved to Miskolc, where he opened his lawyer's office. As he and his son (Endre) arrived to Budapest, they were used as labor servicemen. Several documents point out that my grandfather tried to make himself 10 years younger - maybe hoping to survive that way. A Genner >from this lyrislist once described the circumstances under which my grandfather and uncle died - this too is based on memories, nevertheless they're very important information to me.

Dear John, I have an inmost request to you: please tell the youth about your life and your experiences so that they know the truth, how it really was - so it never be forgot. I ask you to talk also in the name of those who can't talk anymore.

I thank you very much.

With all the best wishes,

Giselle Bodziony, Z├╝rich

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