correction on misinformation re: Trebic records in the IGI #austria-czech

Carol W. Skydell <cwskydell@...>

I realize I am coming into the middle of a discussion regarding the meaning
of the various listings reported as having been found via, but since I have been intimately involved in this
issue for several years, I would like to offer the following correction.

The record presented by Celia Male as evidence of posthumous baptism is no
such thing and I am certain Celia would welcome a correction on her
misinterpretation since she is such an assiduous researcher.
Ceila writes on 11/29 stating:

and in my search for Trebitsch records by chance
discovered many disturbing and distasteful
posthumously converted holocaust victims: This is an

Erika ABELES (AFN: 1F1S-5VK)
Sex: F
Event(s): Birth: Abt. 1902

Parents: Father: Heinrich ABELES (AFN: 1F1S-5PJ)
Mother: Rosa MERZBACH (AFN: 1F1S-5QQ)

On the contrary, this entry is **not** a record of posthumous baptism of
Erika Abeles, or her parents since it is an ****Ancestral File****
entry....part of a family tree submitted to the Mormons simply for the
purpose of sharing. When looking at the record on the site it is possible by clicking on the Details in the
Submitter(s) field to see the name of the person submitting this
record. I sincerely doubt this person would be submitting names for
posthumous rituals.

The only records of deceased individuals who have been posthumously
baptized is when their names appear in the IGI....There is no IGI entry for
an Erika ABELES. A name listed in the Ancestral File is just as
innocent as one in the Social Security Death Index.

Carol Skydell
Laguna Woods, CA

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