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I have just joined the sig, having spent most of my time on the Latvian,
Lithuanian connection. In the soundex, there are approximately 12
different ways to spell Scherbakov. This is the way I have found it in
documents, and some of the family became Sher,Sherr, and Sherbac. In the
United States, our family settled in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

My grandmother Hannah was the daughter of Norman and Naomi.They had many
other children. Peter (Pesach), Samuel, Sara, Herschel, Esther, born in
the 1860s or so. They emigrated >from Russia in 1894, having first
wandered >from Kiev through the Kovno district of Lithuania. Norman and
Naomi came in 1900 as very old people and they are now buried with the
Shers in Duluth, Minnesota.

My grandmother told me once about the city of her origin. Frankly, I am
only partially sure it was Minsk, and as their naturalization documents
and ship of arrival have yet to be uncovered (this will take a lot of
time until the arrivals for that year have been indexed) I have little
to go on.

I understand that at one time the family was well-to-do, and that
perhaps they were in the business of growing sugar cane or refining
it.Prior to the elder Sherbacov's leaving Russia, their last known
address was Vasilkov.

I will be in Salt Lake City doing research this fall, but I believe that
without the naturalization documents or arrival material, that looking
for these folks will continue to be as it has been these past few years
-- just a needle in a Russian haystack.

Carol Lieberman

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