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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Henry Wellisch is puzzled about the origins of his
Hungarian DEUTSCH family. Apparently his maternal
grandfather Simon DEUTSCH Junior was born in 1855 in
Moson {Wieselburg} in western Hungary, now known as
Mosonmagyarovar, but he was "zustandig" in
Trebitsch/Trebic. Henry writes: >from this I assume
that his father Jakob and perhaps his mother Therese
[nee OESTERREICHER] came >from Trebitsch. I checked the
IGI and of course there are many DEUTSCH from
Czechoslovakia, including one Jakob DEUTSCH from
Bohemia, but not one >from Trebitsch. Any comments or
recommendation on what else one may do?

I have rechecked the IGI data and would like to point
out that if you add "ova" to your "family name search"
you may find names which otherwise elude you! Thus
there is a single DEUTSCHOVA on IGI and she is from
Trebic. Could this mean that the male members of the
Trebic DEUTSCH family had moved away, perhaps to

A logical deduction, which unfortunately could be
quite false.

Alzbeta DEUTSCHOVA married Simon BAUER on 8 October
1802 in Trebic. We have thus established that a
DEUTSCH family lived in Trebic in that era. Whether
this is Henry Wellisch's family is another matter!
Families did wander >from Moravia to Hungary as other
SIG members like Omri Arnon will confirm. Tracing them
back to Moravia is hard. The estates may have belonged
to the same Schutzherren, making such moves much

Henry then asks: "in 1883 he {Simon} is referred to in
the marriage register as Simon DEUTSCH Junior. I have
never been able to find out what "Senior" meant ....."

I am just guessing, but could it mean that his
grandfather Simon DEUTSCH was still alive - assuming
that his grandfather was called Simon?

In the meantime, Art Spira has found out more about
this Trebic IGI database which he will no doubt tell
us all about and I have also found some quite
interesting links. It is refreshing, for a
change, to find some readily accessible Moravian data.

For many of us, trudging to archives in faraway places
or LDS [Mormon] Centers is not an option, for reasons
of location, age, time constraints etc. Others amongst
us may not have the financial means to hire a
genealogist. LDS Centers, for example, do not exist in
Israel. So what then for our Israeli members wishing
to consult data which will in future only be available
on LDS films?

I am all for promoting Swivel Chair Genealogy - using
multiple electronic and hard copy sources to travel
through time and space. The more of these links we find and
promote openly on our SIG, the better for all of us. We must
not keep them to ourselves.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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