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Dear Mr. Brill:

A great majority of my family came >from Vitebsk, with some >from the nearby

I am answering your message because many people in my family were in the
lumber business and in one case a relative built wooden railway cars.

The surname I am researching is Zatkin, which was also spelled Zadkin,
Satkin, Sadkin, and Tzadkin. Many of the Zatkin family members who were in
the lumber business lived in Vitebsk and came to the USA in 1903 and settled
in Passaic, NJ. In one case there was a SCHLOMIE ZATKIN who built wooden
railway cars in and near Vitebsk. OSSIP ZADKIN was also born in Vitebsk and
he became a famous artist. Much of his work was sculpture out of wood.

If this is of any use to you in your searching please let me know.

Logan M. Lockabey
Tzuri Shadai ben Avraham

David Brill Wrote:

My BRILL and ABRAMSON families originated in Vitebsk Guberniya. The
BRILL family was >from the town of Usv'aty (Usvat), about 40 km NE of
Vitebsk. The town of Usv'aty is nowadays in Russia, but close to the
Belarus border. I'm interested in *any* material pertaining to Usv'aty.
Many of my family members were carpenters, or involved in lumber trading.

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