Searching the IGI: Trebic Batch Numbers #austria-czech


Further to recent messages in which we've heard that valuable research
data was being collected by members of the group by searching the IGI, I
have come across another method for speeding up the search process.

While looking up the family names for my ancestors in Trebic, by
entering the surname and selecting the Czech Republic, as indicated
earlier, I found 210 separate listings for individuals belonging to
families present on my genealogy list. Clicking on the "Batch Number"
at the bottom of an individual record calls up other entrees in that
same batch, generating up to several hundred names and events. Many,
but not all within a batch are individuals >from the same community.

In my search of Trebic relatives I have found three Batch Numbers with
nearly 800 Trebic entries. These ae 6931644, 6931646, and 6929342. The
first and last are largely birth records, and number more than 600. The
other is mostly marriages, with 162 Trebic entries. (Note that some
entries are duplicates.) I would imagine that if other members of our
group search the index for Trebic ancestors other batch numbers may be
revealed which, hopefully, will be passed on to the group.

It should be noted that not all individual records are listed with Batch
Numbers. For example, some one hundred Ornsteins, Wertheimers, Fuersts,
Glasners and Tichas, all >from Trebic, have their source entry listed as
a Film/Fiche number, and clicking on that number does not give an
expanded list revealing other names. Thus a significant number of
Trebic listings can still only be identified through the surname search.

Other Moravian and Bohemian communities presumably can be similarly

Arthur Spira
B.C., Canada

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