Re: correction on misinformation re: Trebic records in the IGI #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I wrote to the SIG few days ago: in my search for
Trebitsch records I by chance discovered many
disturbing and distasteful posthumously converted
holocaust victims: This is an example:

Erika ABELES (AFN: 1F1S-5VK)
Sex: F
Event(s): Birth: Abt. 1902
<Nazis, Poland>

Parents: Father: Heinrich ABELES (AFN: 1F1S-5PJ)
Mother: Rosa MERZBACH (AFN: 1F1S-5QQ)

Thank you so much Carol for pointing out that the
entries in the ancestral files [as given above] are
not posthumous baptisms but *voluntarily submitted*
family trees. Another member of our SIG, who wishes to
remain anonymous, has also pointed this out to me.

Baptism of any form is not my *forte* or my interest
and I was following the trail that was suggested in
the two recent postings by Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann
Amdur Sack, Editor of Avotaynu, the International
Review of Jewish Genealogy. I have not yet had a
chance to read the article in the latest issue
relating to this subject, and obviously had not done
my homework properly.

Had I submitted this data to the LDS, I doubt I would
use the term "Nazis, Poland" in my family tree file,
but would rather use Holocaust death, Poland. This is
what made me suspicious.

So I will stick to the things I know best and not be
put off by this setback. I followed the MERZBACH trail
to its ultimate conclusion, using the method suggested
by Art Spira today.

I entered the ancestral file number for Rosa MERZBACH
and believe it or not: the first member of the family
was called: Sender ALEXANDER (AFN: 1F1S-7SH) born ca
1710 in ?

How's that for a happy ending [if you have followed
the Schando/ Alexander name query discussion]!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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