"Otsar Harabbanim" #belarus

Haim Fridman <fridman@...>

Edward G. Cohen asked:
I came across a reference to 'Otzer Ha Rabanim' a data base of Rabbis in
eastern Europe. If anyone knows where this source can be acquired I would
most appreciative.

"Otsar Harabbanim" is compendium of over 20,000 rabbis. It's format is by
personal name, but there is a surname index. Each person has a code for
cross reference. Information included is father's name, father-in-law, sons
and sons-in-law, dates, places and books written.

The book was published in 1975 in Israel. The author was Rabbi Natan Tsvi
Friedman (dec.)
The book is available in libraries in Israel but I can't help with
overseas libraries.
NB. While an excellent reference source, there are errors.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel
email: fridman@ultinet.co.il
web page: http://www.avotaynu.com/gaonbook.html

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