JewishGen College Re-Opens!!! #belarus

Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

Belarus SIG readers,

We are very pleased to announce the reactivation
of the JewishGen College beginning the week of
Oct.5th with "Creating a Webpage"

Our instructor Mark Heckman is a lecturer and
researcher in the computer science department
at the University of California, Davis, where he has
taught classes in web page design for computer
novices. Mark is the webmaster for several
JewishGen-hosted webpages (Sacramento JGS;
Gesher Galicia and ROM-SIG; Volhynia, Gorodenka,
and Kovel ShtetLinks pages),

Because the envisioned outcome is a coterie of trained folks who
will volunteer to create both Yizkor Book as
well as ShtetLinks pages for JewishGen, this course has certain

1.) Participants must have a working familiarity with Windows or
MacIntosh, knowing how to open and close windows, how to use a
mouse, and other basic computer skills.

2.) They must also be familiar with using a word processing
program, such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, and be
comfortable with cutting and pasting text, with using multiple
fonts in a document, and with other word processing features.

3.) The class will use a free program, called "Netscape
Composer," to create and edit web pages. Netscape Composer is
part of the Netscape Communicator
package. You can obtain Netscape Communicator
from the following page:

Be aware that Netscape Communicator is quite large
and will take a while to download.

Click on your operating system and follow the links to download
and install Communicator on your system.
The latest version is 4.06. If you already have Netscape
Communicator version 4.0 or later you do not need to download it

Netscape Communicator is also widely available >from different
internet service providers, and on CD-ROM.

Netscape Composer is a type of program called an
"HTML editor." We will use Netscape Composer for
three reasons:

a.) Netscape runs on a wide variety of computers and operating
systems so probably no student will be
unable to use it;
b.) Netscape is widely used and therefore many of you
may already have it installed on your systems; and
c.) it's free.

There are many other HTML editors available, and most have very
similar user interfaces. If you have another HTML editor, you
can use that in the class but the commands will be different
from those in Composer
and you might get confused. We expect many students
in this class, so there probably won't be time to answer
questions about HTML editors other than Netscape Composer.

4.) The final prerequisite is the reason we're offering this
course. JewishGen is desperately in need of volunteers
who know how to create webpages for the Yizkor
Book and the ShtetLinks Projects. We have more
material waiting to be put online than our current
volunteers and managers can handle. Since both these projects
are extremely important to researchers, we can only turn to you,
the users of JewishGen to help us out here. We're offering this
course to provide you with
a skill that you in turn will use to help us all. With that
said, the final prerequisite is your promise that once trained,
you will volunteer to help JewishGen get more
and more material online.

So, if you feel you meet all the prerequisites for this
course, here's how to enroll:

Send an email to
and say

subscribe webpage <firstname> <lastname>

enrollment will close on Sunday October 4th
and class will start on Monday Oct. 5th

The "lectures" will come to you just the way
messages do >from any of our mailing lists.

We expect a hefty crowd of enrollees and some
very well trained volunteers to help JewishGen
bring more and more information to us all!

Carol Skydell
JewishGen Operations

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