Moravian emigration to Hungary #hungary

Andrew Sanders (Toronto) <andrew-s@...>

I am also interested in the forced movement of Jewish people >from Bohemiam
and especially Moravia, to Northern Hungary, today's Slovakia. I would like
to trace my ancestors >from the Slovakian border towns back across the border
to Moravia. Now Henry Wellisch refers to censuses taken an 1725 and 1735. I
wonder, how much useful information may be gained >from such documents,
considering that the Jewish emigration >from the Czech lands took place as a
result of the evil decrees of the Empress Maria Theresia and her father, the
Emperor Charles, generally in the middle an especially in the latter part of
the 18th century. I would assume, perhaps incorrectly, that in 1725 and 1735
there were still very few Jews living in Hungary.

Andrew Sanders

Henry Wellisch wrote:

There is a lot of detailed information available on the immigration
into Hungary >from Moravia, Austria and Bohemia. Most of it is shown in
the various 18th century censuses that were conducted in Hungary. In
some of these censuses (1725, 1735) the origin of the head of
household is identified. These censuses were published in Magyar Zsido
Okleveltar, an 18 volume collection on Hungarian Jewish documents,
which is available in certain University and large Jewish libraries.
Henry Wellisch

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