Re: belarus digest: September 09, 1998 #belarus

Ed Sternin <edik@...>

Subject: Minsk Gubernia Researcgh Project
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 21:42:44 EDT

For the past five years or so, I have been conducting research, utilizing the
Evreiskaya Encyclopedia (the Russian language Jewish Encyclopedia, printed in
St Petersburg, Russia in 1907). My most recent, and ongoing project, is
listing all of the towns mentioned in the Encyclopedia, according to Gubernia
and uyezd. At the current stage of my research, I have listed all of the
towns (about 2,500) and am now cataloguing them alphabetically; I am currently
working an the letter I, but am about halfway through the 16 volumes of the
EE. My list is according to Gubernia and uyezd, for each town, and has
This is an enormous task, I am impressed.

In my list of references there is a publication:
Spisok naselennykh mest Vitebskoy Gubernii
(A Gazetteer of Vitebsk Gubernia)
Izdanie Vitebskogo Gubernskogo Statisticheskogo Komiteta, Vitebsk 1906
(published by the Statistical Committee of the Vitebsk Gubernia)

It likely is one of the many documents that came out of the 1897
all-Russia census, the first and only one.

This makes me think that similar publications may exist for other
Gubernias as well; perhaps you can engage your local library to find a
copy for you. Oleg P. might also be in a position to find a copy.

If something like this does exist, then $500 for a translation may or may
not be appropriate depending on the size. But there are ways to scan the
Russian original into electronic form for much less, I am sure.

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