A new research group for Disna Uezd (or Disna District) is in formation. Disna
District was located in Vilna Gubernia and is today part of Belarus. Because
it was historically located in the Lithuanian province of Vilna, the revision
lists are held by the Lithuanian archives. The project is being organized as
part of the LitvakSIG's effort to copy revision lists for the 14 districts of
Vilna and Kovno gubernia, but because the area is now part of Belarus we are
hoping that it may be of interest to some members of the Belarus SIG.

The towns in Disna district include:
Disna (Dzisna), Druya, Germanovce (Germanovichi, Hermanovicy), Glubokie
(Glubokoye), Golubicy (Golubichi), Leonopol, Luzhek (Luzki), Plisa (Plisse),
Postavy, and Sharkovshchina (Sarkauscyna).

If you have an interest in any of these towns and want to partcipate, please
contact me for further information.

Eric L. Goldstein

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