Escape on the S.S. Atlantic #hungary

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My uncle Josef Gluck >from Chust, now aged 97, was one of a group of=20
318 who left Bratislava in September 1940 for Palestine, boarding the S.
S. Atlantic at Tulcea for Haifa, >from where they were deported to=20
Mauritius following the sinking of the liner Patria. There he remained=20
at the Central Prison at Beau Bassin until he joined the Czech Army=20
here in England in 1944, to be reunited with my father Jakub.

The story of the trials and tribulations of the refugees has already=20
been well documented by Aaron Zwergbaum in Volume 2 of The Jews of=20
Czechoslovakia, published in 1971, and in an earlier study published by=20
Yad Vashem in 1960 (Exile in Mauritius). However, I have my uncles copy=20
of Dr Zwergbaum's own original "diary", written in German, documenting=20
the details of the groups detention in Bratislava, the voyage, their=20
capture and transportation to the Indian Ocean and life in the prison=20
camp. This includes hand-drawn maps, woodcut illustrations, pencil=20
sketches and watercolours, and a great many photographs.=20

I am using the book as one of the sources for a record of my fathers=20
family, which I hope to publish eventually as a supplement to the=20
existing Yizkor Book on Chust. However, I would be interested in making=20
contact with others who also have family members who were involved in=20
this epic story, who may also have photographs and further information.=20
According to Dr Zwergbaum, approximately a third came >from the eastern=20
end of Czechoslovakia and therefore fall within the scope of H-SIG,=20
including some who had attended the Hebrew Gymnasium at Mukacevo.

John Berkeley (Berkovic)
Warwick, England

Researching: GLUCK, BERKOVIC, WIEZEL (Chust and surrounding area)

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