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for what it's worth, i had no difficulty finding gabor hirsch in the database. he is listed as

"HIRSCH, Ga'bor, year of birth 1929, place of birth Be'kescaba, located Szluck, page 53"

note that the page number is different than that provided by gabor, and the results don't seem to be sorted in the (logical) order by given name, so he is way down on the third page. i am also puzzled that the place of birth is misspelled slightly, with the accent missing >from the second e. that's probably why searching by town fails to find his record, but finds 42 others that are spelled correctly. (or it could be a technical flaw in the database.)

the only trick that i used was to select "name is exactly" rather than using the soundex. as gabor has pointed out, d-m soundex returns some rather strange "matches" that don't seem logical for hungarian orthography (in his example, the equivalence of h, g and k are common in russian, and that of sch and sz are based on polish). the soundex technique intentionally ignores vowels and groups certain consonants as interchangeable, in order to mimic the "drift" of regional pronunciations. a hungarian adaptation might be more helpful. for those who are interested, i vaguely recall seeing some documentation of the internals of d-m soundex on the jewishgen web site.

in this case, searching by town name "starts with" is better than using "is exactly". (the opposite of searching by name.) and also remember that searching by town (e.g. "szluck") will *not* find this record, because "szluck" isn't actually in the town field itself. (searching by "any field" will find it - along with 833 others!)

....... tom klein, toronto

=?iso-8859-1?Q?=22G=E1bor_Hirsch=22?= <> wrote:

My experience with searching in the Jewishgen database.

As there were several Hungarian periodicals at that time - including Jewish - I would
prefer naming the sources explicitly.

On your recommendation of the Moderator, I visited the source, may be as an elderly person, I got more difficulties. As I knew, my name is listed, (in the Hirek ... Nr. 3 August 14 1945, Szluzk pp 12), so I entered Hirsch, after I logged in I found the following information:

Searching for Surname Hirsch
(D-M code 594000)
Number of hits: 508
Run on Saturday 8 March 2008 at 06:38:33

First, I had difficulties several time to go behind the first 50 names, is it because the server is to busy and I was able to browse all the 508 names at 8 am Swiss time around 3 am in NY, I have no idea, but >from the indicated 508 Hirsch, there were only 33 Hirsch, the rest was Grosz, Krausz, Kertesz something I can't explain.

No I tried also my Hometown, Bekescsaba, this time I had more success I found 45 people >from my hometown, but somehow my name was missing even when I tried "sounds alike". I have no idea what did I wrong!

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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