Jewish Gen Faamily Finder #hungary

Avrofek <avrofek@...>

I sent a message via the JGFF to researcher 40380 Shel Honigsberg and have
not had a reply.
Can someone please let me have his e-mail address so I can contact directly
or tell me whether or not he is still researching?
Thank you all,
Avraham Ofek
Netanya, Israel

Moderator: If you don't get a response to your message to a JGFF researcher, please report it to, giving the name of the person you are attempting to reach, their JewishGen ID Number number, the e-mail address you used that bounced, and the bounced message. The JewishGen LostNFound Support Team will do its best to locate the person and notify you of the results of their search. An alternative is to try using conventional means of locating the researcher, such as telephone directory assistance, online people locators and search engines.

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