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It is may be a drawback >from genealogical sight, that married women are listed with their husbands name, but this was the only name I knew my neighbors, my acquaintances. In the "Nevek" book >from KZ Stutthof the women were listed according their maiden names, so my cousin second grade, Biro Eva was separated on the list >from her mother Holczer Ilona, I knew her only as Ilonka neni or Biro Emilne, so it was only by chance that after finding Eva I looked for her mother too. I found this disturbing.

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one of the drawbacks of the "hungarian jewish survivors listed in a
hungarian periodical" list seems to be that married women are listed in
the customary hungarian fashion as "wife of" and their husband's name,
but the transcription includes neither their given nor maiden names.

once again, it helps to experiment a bit with the search function: there
are 116 hits for exactly ROSENBERG, but none of them have a given name of
ilona. however, there are only 4 records for PINTER, including one for
"PINTE'R, Dr. Be'lane', born 1898, place of birth not specified, located
Tröbitz, page 17", which might be the one, if you know her husband's name.

....... tom klein, toronto
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