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I believe it is not necessarily a Hungarian custom that married women carry the name of their husband and the children too. Nowadays in Switzerland you can decide to keep even in marriage your name, in official papers you carry a double name husband-wife or wife husband, but whether it clarifies the thing or not I can't say. May be one - I can't say unusual or not - but in Hungarian my wife would be called Hirsch Gaborne' in Switzerland she is called Margrit Hirsch, I don't know if it would help to much >from genealogical view, but I am no expert.

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Although I was born and raised in Israel I lived in a small village that
was founded by Holocaust survivors >from Hungary. Therefore all the day to
day activities in the village were carried out in Hungarian. My parents
talked Hungarian at home and this is how I picked a little bit of the language.

Since most of the village residents were Hungarian, we, the children, only
knew most of the women by their private and husband names. For example
Miriam, Ede's wife was called by all of us as Ede Miriam. This came also to
distinguish her >from another Miriam who was married to a Jonah. The later one
was named Jonah Miriam.

I believe this is all coming >from the dominant Patriarchal element in the
Hungarian culture. Men were considered as more important then women. Women
got their position in society based on what husband they were married to.
And this cultural aspect is reflected in the naming convention and
population records, which is, as Hirsch said, very unfortunate to genealogists.

Isaac Katz

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