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Elsebeth Paikin

At 09:15 15-09-98 -0400, you wrote:
I recall seeing a post a few weeks ago >from someone who reported that family
members >from Belarus had first moved to Ekaterinoslav in the Ukraine before
I am wondering if other people also have forebears who moved to
Ekaterinoslav before leaving Russia completely.
Is this a common enough circumstance to merit further inquiry by the SIG?
I don't know, but it _did_ ring a bell. A friend (perhaps relative) has
passed on the following piece of information to me >from the archives Dvinsk
about one with a surname of common interest to us:

"1869: Application or a Jewish merchant in the city of Dinaburg (Dvinsk),
Chaim Yelev, for conversion to Christianity and concerning allocation of
lands in the province of Yekaterinoslavsky"

I just got the idea that, there must have been a possibility to get land in
Yekaterinoslavsky - but it seems only for Christians - or was it to lure
Jews into conversion? Thus, it might have been one of the straws that Jews
could try to get hold of to "keep afloat"? Or maybe even a distant
chance/hope to be able to get out? As - my guess only! - it would
(possibly!?) be easier for a Christian to get permission to emigrate!?

It would be interesting to hear what information others have on this. The
above quotation is the first time I have encountered something like that.

I am sure, that someoone out there know something about it ... I'm an
experience genealogist, but a novice in Jewish genealogy....

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark,

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