more on Ekaterinoslav #belarus

Jerold Touger

I was fascinated by all the responses to my inquiry about Ekaterinoslav. I have
since checked JewishGen's Yizkor Book Project and found out that there is a
yizkor book (in Hebrew) for Dnepropetrovsk, which is what Ekaterinoslav was
called in Soviet times. I wonder if a listing of names for that Yizkor book
exists in English, or if that is something that it would be appropriate for
BelarusSIG to pursue further.
Incidentally, my inquiry has generated a possible connection since one
of the respondents, Gene Shiller, replied about his CHERNIN relatives. (I've
cc'ed this to Gene) Yaakov TAVGER (1860-1938), my grandfather's older brother,
was married to a Sima Lea CHERNIN (d. 1925). Yaakov's son Aharon TAVGER was
married to a Raya (Rachel) CHERNIN (1900-1983), probably a cousin of his
mother's. Aharon's son Ben-Tzion Tavger was a leading dissident physicist in
the Soviet Union who later emigrated to Israel and led the efforts to restore
the old Jewish sites in Hebron. I am now in regular communication with two of
Ben-Tzion's sons.
Jerry Touger
Milton, MA

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