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Sandor Bacskai <eretzhagar@...>

Dear Stuart Ungar,

Rabbi Shmuel Levi Weinberger was the Rav in 1880s. He left Keresztur
abt. 1892, and lived in Dunaszerdahely later.

>from 1893/1894, Rabbi Moshe Schlesinger-Guns served as Rav. He died
in 1924.

Rabbi Shayele Steiner lived in Keresztur >from 1881 until his death in
1925. He was not Rav, but one of the best known Rebbes in Hungary.

And there was the Dayan and shochet R' Yakov Bogler in 1890s.


Sandor Bacskai
Budapest, Hungary

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Subject: Rabbi in Bodrogkeresztur
From: Stuart Ungar <>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 04:18:26 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi everyone,

I was fortunate enough to recently speak to an older relative and
gain some insight recently on my family tree. She is my
Grandfather's (Bela UNGAR -never knew him) older sister's (Jutta
UNGAR) daughter (Irene BOEHM). As it turns out, my Great
Grandfather Joszef UNGAR, upon losing his wife Eszter UNGAR had the
local Rabbi "adopt" his daughter Jutta UNGAR. Jutta was only about
10 at the time of her mother's death and -- as the story goes --
Joszef felt he knew nothing about raising a daughter so asked the
local Rabbi if he would take her in. I have a couple questions:

1) was such a practice common?

2) does anyone know the name of the Rabbi(s) in Bodrogkeresztur
from that time (around 1895).
Any help/thoughts appreciated.

Stuart UNGAR

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