A Suggestion #belarus

Bryan Polikoff <polikoff@...>

At 9:36 am 17/9/98, Jerold Touger wrote:
I was fascinated by all the responses to my inquiry about Ekaterinoslav. [...]
Incidentally, my inquiry has generated a possible connection since one
of the respondents, Gene Shiller, replied about his CHERNIN relatives....

It is clear that more and more subscribers (across the world, indeed) are
going to be coming online and will trickle through to this site over coming
months. These new subscribers might well miss messages of relevance to
them. Might I suggest that to facilitate the kinds of connection that
Touger has discovered, there might be some kind of archive set up for the
correspondence that appears here? In other words, for example, messages
concerning specific family names might be grouped alphabetically for those
names. There will inevitably be problems concerning required duplications,
but here I am just suggesting the principle.

Bryan Polikoff

MODERATOR'S NOTE: All messages that have been posted to the Belarus SIG
Discussion Group since day one have been archived. JewishGen is going to
provide a search capability for this SIG's message archive, similar to the search capabilities of the JewishGen Discussion Group. Based on my
discussions with Susan King today, it appears that it could still be awhile
before we have the search capablity. The volunteer JewishGen technical
guru who can make this happen is busy working on other JewishGen projects
and can only do one thing at a time. There is also another way to
implement the message search capability, but this requires more "bandwidth"
on the Internet then JewishGen currently has. Bryan makes a very good
point. There have already been a number of occassions when I have wanted
to search the message archives to find something I knew had already been

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