Belarus to Ukraine #belarus

Steven Leof <leof@...>

Regarding the discussion of Jews relocating >from Belarus to Ukraine my
paternal grandfather's family also made the trek. I know very little abo=
them execpt as follows; if anyone has any suggestions as to how I might
uncover additional information or leads I would be most appreciative:

My paternal grandfather's father Pincus Velvell Leof (possibly ne
Leifshutz) was born in Azaritch, Minsk and lived with his wife Vera
(possibly nee Sherizen in Kiev) in Ekaterinoslav prior to emigrating to
Philadelphia about 100 years ago. PV Leof's father Elia Velvell was born=

in 1837 in Mogelov and died in 1910 in Gomel on the Dneiper River; his
mother Sarah Levin was born in 1839 in Azaritch and died in 1908 in
Azaritch. EV Leifshutz's father was Simchah and mother was Pescha Finkle=
Sarah Levin's father was Label and his mother was Rose. Vera Sherizen's
father was Label.

I also know that Vera Sherizen had siblings who emigrated to Toronto and
Detroit. My grandfather had a cousin Lily who was a QC in Toronto and so=
of the family may have changed their name to Rosen. I have not yet locat=
any contact information for this branch of the family.

Steven Leof

Researching: Leifshutz, Finkle, Levin, Sherizen from
Belarus/Ukraine/Philadelphia/Toronto, Schwarz/Schwartz, Nusbaum/Nussbaum
from Galicia/Newark, NJ, Markovitz, Neufeld, Gutman >from Slovakia/New
York/Philadelphia, Katzenstein >from Hesse Cassel, Germany/New York/South
America, Hecht (of the eponymous department store) >from Baltimore,
Bacharach >from Germany/Baltimore, Fischer >from Bankoez, Austria Hungary,
Triesta, Nathan/Hertz >from Germany (possibly Freischbach)/TennesseeArkans=

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