Ekaterinoslav relatated records - there are possibilities. #belarus


Dear friends:

I see there was some discussion last few days about Ekaterinoslav.

Unfortunately I was out of town in Boston. Over there I visited a library of
Harvard with microfilms collection. Among them were several sets of
microfilms with officials newspapers of Russian Empire including
Ekaterinoslavskiie Gubernskiie Vedomosty.
There was nothing >from Belarus, mostly Ukraine. I check couple Gubernias sets
and find that there are voters lists (some complete, some as parts, some
missing). If somebody would volunteer to make copies (I will instruct how to
find) and send me - I will check for available information. Some sets had not
only name, surname and patronymic, but age, address, social status, size of
estate and other data, but some was represented only by name/surnames. Data
refer to 1905, 1906, 1907, 1912.

Besides it I also saw lists of deserters, lists of killed and wounded during
Russian - Japanese War, etc. Unfortunately I have no time to study the
records or even to copy all of them.

Sincerely -

Vitaly Charny
Birmingham, AL

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