Re: online database? #hungary

Margarita Lacko <mishpologia@...>

You can find the list in:

g/hosok.htm >
< >

The "A" never worked.

Also, Peter Winter has an Excel file in:

< http://www.geocities DOT com/winter_peter_4/ >


Margarita Lacko
now in Reston, Virginia

|-----Original Message-----
|From: tom []=20
|Sent: Friday, 18 July, 2008 7:38
|To: H-SIG
|Subject: [h-sig] online database?
|there was a searchable database of the hungarian casualties of=20
|ww2 online at <>,=20
|which included many of those who died in the forced labour=20
|battalions, but unfortunately, it's no longer accessible, and=20
|i couldn't find it using google.
|is this file available anywhere else?
|....... tom klein, toronto

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