Translation from old German please #hungary


The ladies at the LDS church here in Melbourne were kind this time,

and let me take a photo of an 1851 record, >from film No. 1837731 of Jewish
BMD 1846 – 1881, Holics, Slovakia.

The name Marcus NATAN is clearly viewed in the middle of the second line,

but the rest of the note, in old German, is faded and hard to read.

Marcus could have been my GGGrandfather.

I could not fit the whole record in one photo so I had to split it to 2

left (4 lines) and right (3 lines). You may view it in:

Also, in the 2nd photo (right side of document), in one of the column's

there is a word that looks like "Ren?en". Any idea what it means? I'm

as in another birth record under the same column the name M. Natan is

just after the Brith / naming date.

Please reply to:


Yohanan Loeffler

Melbourne Australia

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