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I have just received some bits of genealogy treasures >from some research
done through RAGAS on the family of my great-grandfather Israel Hirsh
Ziselman. Some of you might remember that he was the key to me becoming
genealogy buff. Five years ago on a quick visit to my family up in Calgary
Canada we took a quick Friday afternoon trip to a local museum which had,
by pure "coincidence" my great-grandfather's religious artifacts on
display. Perhaps of all my research, the material on Israel Hirsh
(1870-1962) is the most detailed so far. In addition, it shows the
priceless value of census data which I guess began in the beginning of the
19th century in the Russian empire. See what you think of my speculations
based on this material....

The census data >from the 19th century in his home district of Borisov
which I guess included Stare-Borisov) yielded the following. Luckily I
already knew his father's name, Yeruchem Ziselman. Well not only did the
census list a Yeruchem aged 10 in 1851, which would have made him 30 years
older than his son Israel Hirsh, but Yerucham's father SHMUEL is also
listed in the census of 1851 and 1834. Shmuel
was born in 1819, thus 51 when his grandson was born in 1870.
An interesting detail is that he was *absent* >from the census of 1854. He
had one wife RIVKA ABRAMOVA in 1851, and a wife ESTER YUDOVA in the census
of 1858 where he was not listed. I don't know how they bothered to record
her husband's name if he wasn't around.....His daughter RASYA was evidently
raised by ESTER, since RASYA is listed listed as his 2 year old daughter in
1851 with RIVKA and 9 in 1858 with ESTER. Note that the censuses refer to
children as the children of the FATHER rather than both parents.

SHMUEL'S son Yeruchem (1841-1928?) was obviously named after Shmuel's
father, who died at a very young age in 1824, when Shmuel was only 6 years
old. YERUCHEM was only 26! Interesting: This Yeruchem's father, MORDECHAI
was listed as "absent" after the census of 1824, at the age of 60, born in

MORDECHAI ZISELMAN had at least 3 sons: Yeruchem, Faibish, (who ALSO died
at the tender age of 28 in 1820!) and Aron. Mordechai's wife was KUNA, born
in 1774. MORDECHAI was the son of BORUCH.

Question about census: The censuses list additional "relatives". Does this
suggest that these people lived together in the same house? There were two
relative in both the census of 1814 and 1834. Why are their deaths recorded
for the census of 1837 and 1844??!

David Goldman, the great-great-great-great-great-grandson of BORUCH
ZISELMAN (1734-1814?)!!

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