Re: The Politics of Censuses in Russia #belarus

Sharon Ferguson <sferguson@...>

question: How would I go about finding census records in Minsk? I am new
to this forum and fairly new in my search. While I do have the name of my
ggf and ggm both >from Minsk I am unsure of original surnames and do not
have the names of their parents. Please pardon if my questions seem simple
in light of how experienced most of those who post here are.

Sharon Ferguson

David Goldman wrote:

I just glanced again at the research and was surprised that the individual
living with both MORDECHAI and his son SHMUEL ZISELMAN, Aron Abramovitch
Rashkind was listed as 40 years old in 1834 in one document, and 56 years
old in another, both called census record (revision list). Hirsha Slevitch
in one list is described as 18 in 1816, and 25 in 1834!!

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