Re: Orchestras in Minsk #belarus

Bruce W. Goldstein <metsfan14@...>

Sharon Ferguson wrote:
I was just speaking with my mother regarding my research and she made
mention that before my ggf immigrated to US in late 1890's he was a
violinist in a orchestra in Minsk. Would this be a possible area of
research, would they keep records of members? Any help is greatly

I would be interested in this information also. My gmother's brother was a
violinist/violin teacher. Their surname was FLAX, his first name is unknown
to me. He lived in Minsk at one time. I have a picture of him ca.
1880's-1890's with a student. The picture was taken in Irkutsk, which is a
long way >from Minsk. However, the Trans-Siberian Railroad went >from Minsk
through Irkutsk.

Bruce W. Goldstein
Glen Rock, N.J. U.S.A.

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