retrieving past messages to JewishGen SIG lists

Renee Steinig

As others have pointed out, SIG emails are unaffected by the recent changes to the main JewishGen Discussion Group. Here's a way to retrieve past messages:

Let's say you wanted to access all the messages that came to the Galicia list in the past three weeks (2019 Oct 05 to 2019 Oct 26). You'd write this in the body of an email message (in Plain Text):

                 get galicia 20191005-20191026

and send the message to lyris@... . No subject line or signature is needed. The relevant messages will come to you quickly, in a single email.

To get messages from another list, substitute its name -- e.g. austriaczech, gersig, h-sig, jri-pl, litvaksig, rom-sig, ukraine -- and the dates you wish to search. The name of the list needs to be exactly what appears in its address -- i.e. galicia@...

You can also retrieve messages that were sent to the JewishGen Group Discussion Group through Oct. 9 -- i.e. messages that were distributed via Lyris, before the changeover.


Renee Stern Steinig
Moderator, Gesher Galicia

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