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Susie Boyer writes: I received a document in the mail
today that documented my family back to Trebon circa
1745 - one generation further back than I had
previously been. I learned that my gtgtgrandmother's
name was Johanna STERN and her father was an Abraham
STERN of Trebon b. 1747. This document was sent to me
from a Tom in Sweden. I also learned that even without
my tree computerized by me - the FTJP has me there and
in great detail.

Susie is justifiably very proud of her
newly-discovered Bohemian gtgtgt-grandfather Abraham
STERN of Trebon [Wittingau in the Budweiser Kreis]
born in 1747.

I believe, I can add many more members to the family
but this has to be definitively proved with
documentary evidence: As I was not sure of the exact
location of Trebon, I first opened the wrong volume
[Tabor Kreis] of 1793 census of Bohemia and turned to
the one reference to Trebon in the index ... and on p.
333 this is what I found: Herrschaft Neuhaus:
Jindrichuv Hradec

Francisca STERN {Schutz Prag and Schwyhau] She owns
her own house in Schwyhau [Klattauer Kreis] and also
in Neuhaus. She holds the licence to the distillery
and potash house in Neuhaus.
She is the second wife of the deceased Elias STERN:

Elias Stern's children >from his first marriage:
1. First-born son Abraham: was married in Wittingau
{Trebon] - as distiller and died in 1792.
2. Second-born Aloysius single - converted to
Christianity - serves in the K und K Lascisischen
Infanterie regiment.
3. Third-born Joseph married in Neu Bistritz -
Licensed Distiller
{and yes I found him and he has eight children!]
4. Fourth-born son Phillip - married in Lundenburg
[Breclav] Moravia, Tobacco concession
5. Fifth-born son Jonas married in Pressburg as a
fabric dealer.

Daughters of Elias and Francisca: Anna and Ester [both

Then there are three male and three female servants.
Conclusion - a very wealthy family.

Now belatedly, I turned to Trebon [Budweiser Kreis]
itself and on p. 260 I find only one Jewish family in
Schloss Wittingau, namely the deceased Jew Abraham
STERN, distiller, potash and other trade.

Sons: Wolf and Jachim
Daughters: Elisabeth, Rosalia, Franziska [nb
grandmother's name],
Sara, Ann [probably Johanna] and Katharina.

They have an instructor, cook, maid, man servant and a
helper in the distillery. There is no mother listed.

And there is no cross-reference to Neuhaus in the
Tabor Kreis - so it just shows how carefully one has
to look at the census to find links. It is obviously
the right Abraham STERN and Susie - and I presume the
two Toms, submitters to the FTJP - are now the proud
owners of wealthy gtgtgtgt grandfather in Bohemia
called Elias STERN. We do not have the name of Elias'
first wife, ie the gtgtgtgtgrandmother of Susie, but
she does have a step- gtgtgtgtgrandmother called
Francisca and dozens of others to add to her family

Celia Male [U.K.]

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