Re: Minsk Revision List 1811 - Part 1 #belarus

Evan R Rotner <erotner@...>

Searching for my grandfather ROTNER forebearers, I found a "ROTNE" in
the above list.

It seems to me that possibly the "ROTNE" is a relative, since I also
found in the Revision List the family name "MARSHAK" of my Grandmother.
My Grandfather - Salmon Rotner - as he was known in the United States,
or Esau Sem Rotner, as he was known in Minsk, Russia about 1893, when he
emigrated to New York City and probably my Grandmother both came from

Could the translator of the List - V Charny - let me know whether the
final "R" was dropped in the translation?

Also, are later translations of "Revisions" available through Belarus SIG?

Best Regards, Evan Retman Rotner

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