Re: Translations needed - Bodrogkeresztur (entire cemetery)! #hungary


i would suggest that you post them to viewmate in batches, so that people can translate them as they have time. it's sort of what viewmate was intended for.

....... tom klein, toronto wrote:

Great news. I have just received images of I believe all the cemetery stones in the Bodrogkeresztur, Hungary cemetery (thank you Rabbi Lichtenstein)!

I need someone to help translate the stones >from Hebrew to English. I believe there are over 300 images. Some stones, of course, are not legible. Others are waiting to be read and discovered!

Please email me if you can help. I will eventually be posting these on the Shtetlink site I created for Bodrogkeresztur and also submitting them to JOWBR. This should be a wonderful resource for future searchers.

Thank you,
Stuart Ungar

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