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Between the world war's Subcarpathian Ruthenia was part of
Czechoslovakia which respected the language rights of various groups
including the Ukrainian population of this area.

C. Nydorf


Subject: Re: New Ung/Bereg films
From: amos.zezmer@...
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 10:18:38 +0200
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The best way to navigate these films would be perhaps to order them and
see what's actually on them. I find it incredible that all the documents
would be in Russian and/or Ukrainian, as Ung and Mukacheve were
Hungarian for most of the mentioned period. If the records are indeed in
Russian and/or Ukrainian, I'm sure we can find volunteers that can help
out--->from the Ukraine SIG,for example..

Yerres, France

Kormans wrote:
There are several new films that relate to Ung county and Munkacs at
the FHL. They are in Russian and Ukrainian, and I was wondering if
anyone had tried to use them yet.

The description is "public records (lists of citizens and homeowners,
lists of voters and students, census tables, misc documents) for
multiple locations in Ungvar and Ung district, and in later years for
Munkacs also. The years covered are 1854-1938.

The film numbers are 2391580, 2267584, 2267585, 2399280, 2410442,
2410444, 2415423, 2415436.

Any hints on how to navigate these films, if one does not read Russian
or Ukrainian, would be greatly appreciated.

Debbi Korman
Portland, OR
Moderator: Some of these records are listed in the Ungvar Resources
Guide that was uploaded to the H-SIG website following the 2008

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