Magdeburg Concentration Camp #hungary


Dear Group,

My uncle had died in 1944 in Magdeburg, a subcamp of Buchenwald Camp. I had
this information on Yad Vashem. I had followed it up and I was able to obtain
the documents that had been written about him by the Germans in the camps. Dry
Sadly, this is almost all I know about him.
I had read what one can read on Yad Vashem, the Buchenwald Memorial web site,
and the Auschwitz Memorial site.

I would like to ask you whether there is somebody among you who has some
information on the Magdeburg camp. Perhpas somebody who had a surviving
relative who had been in that camp and had written or talked about it?

My secret, though perhaps unrealistic, hope is to find some information
directly about him. I would so very much like to imagine his life there before
he died.

He was transported >from Auschwitz to Buchenwald and then to Magdeburg Camp in
July 1944 and died in December the same year. According to the camp document he
died in pneumonia.
He was an actor and an artist (painter). He was >from Hungary, Pestszenterzsebet,
(Now it's the 20-th district of Budapest).
He and his mother were taken >from the Ghetto there. As far as I know everybody
died who appears on the transport list my uncle had been on.
Please tell me
whether any of you have some information that would help me to find out more.
Agnes Sotet-Sonnefeld
New Zealand

Researching: SCHWARZ; HAUSNER- >from Szil (now Sonogyszil)- SONNENFELD; SZEKELY
born in Szentes; KUN; KOZMA; >from Hodmezovasarhely; MEZEI, frome Kecskemet;
EHRLICH; ZUCKERMAN; LASZLO >from Budapest; SOTET, all >from Hungary

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