Latin translation help #hungary

Eric M. Bloch

While in the process of transcribing 1771 Hungarian Census records, some
of the Census schedules have a column labeled "In Regno habitat ab
Anno." Usually a year is given. I know this means the person has
lived in the kingdom (of Hungary) since that year. However, in a few
cases, a number is given. These numbers have ranged between 1 and 60.
Until now, I have assumed this meant the person has lived in the kingdom
(of Hungary) for that number of years.

We have also come across some Census schedules that have a column
labeled "Reperinntur ab Annis." As before, sometimes a year is entered
in the column and sometimes a number. I have not found any translations
for the word "reperinntur" but have interpreted this column the same as
the one described above.

Lastly, we have now come across a column labeled as in the first
example, "In Regno habitat ab Anno," but sometimes handwritten within
the column is "habitat in Regno ab Annis" with a number written.

My question is whether, in each case, or only in some cases
(particularly the last example where "Annis" can be interpreted as
age), the numbers do refer to the number of years the person has lived
in Hungary; or could it be that the person has "lived in Hungary since
the age of...." where the digits refer to their age when they arrived in

If you are a Latin scholar who understands the subtle nuances of these
various phrases, please respond privately.

Eric M. Bloch
Milwaukee, WI

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