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Susie and Celia have already told you a lot about one my ancestors Abraham
STERN of Trebon or Wittingau in German.( I am "Tom >from Sweden") Yes
Abraham STERN was a wealthy man. How wealthy he was you can find out in his
inventory published in extensio in Judaica Bohemiae vol XXX-XXXI, Praha
1996. On page 47-72 you will find:

Lenka Mautsikova: Bestandaufnahme der Hinterlassenschaf von Abraham stern
Kaufmanns und Pr├Ąchters einer Schnapsbrennerei in Trebon (Wittingau).

Here you will find almost everything >from a pistol to a horse, >from lots of
funiture to soup plates. It gives you a flavour of how a well to do Jewish
family could live in the late 1800 century. Abraham STERN and his wife
Rosina had eleven children, who were between 26 and 4 years old when there
father died. Rosina STERN died a year later.

Through the printed version of the 1793 census of Boehemian Jews I found
the father of Abraham STERN and probably also a brother and his family.
Celia has most of that information in her e-mail. The five volumes of the
1793 census have helped me a lot.

By the way does anyone know if the last volume - no VI with all the Jewish
families in Prague - is already published. At the Narodni Archiv in Prague
they told me half a year ago that it will be published late this year.

Thomas Fuerth
Stockholm, Sweden

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