Re: KANICHI, in Kostjakovici district #belarus

David Goldman <davic@...>

Hi Belarus SIGgers:

I have been interested in any information on the history of the Jewish
community of an obscure town called Kanichi. It is currently on the border
with Russia, and was the hometown of my great-grandmother, Leah Kabakov. I
have found virtually nothing about it or her antecedents, except that her
parents were Avraham Zvi and Pessya Kabakov. They married her off to my
great-grandfather, Yale Shapiro, of a Lubavitcher in the nearby town called
SURAZH (the RUSSIAN one, not the one near Vitebsk). I presume, of course,
that the families knew each other, and that the Kabakovs would have also
been Lubavitchers. It is entirely possible that the two families were related.

In any event, does anyone know anything about the history of Kanichi and
its Jews? Evidently today it is a small town, with no Jewish cemetery
surviving. Even records on her family (such as tax and census ones) have
not even been found in Minsk.

David Goldman

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