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For Steven Leof and everyone else who might searching LIFSHITS name in
Mogilev. Dear Moderator: please excuse length of this list. Until our
searchable database is up and running, I do what I can. While I can post
privately, there may be many more out there who are interested in the
names. I have not written LIFSHITS for each name, if it is generally the
same name, only the first name and patrynomic if listed. I have written
the last name if it differs somewhat >from LIFSHITS.

Also, before I get started, another researcher, Howard Leivin, whose
email address was/is, also asked for this list quite a
while ago. Steven may want to contact him as well. I generally write the
name of the person searching the name in my copy of the index.

1872: Shaya-Leib, Leib, Vulf, Yuda, Isroil, Shmuil, Mordukh, Khaim
1873: Essel-Aron, Khaim, Meer/Meir, LIBUSHITS Gamshei
1874: Khatskel, Zavel-Leizer, Shmuil, Itska, Shevel-Leiba, Isroil,
Yankel, Isroil-Vulf
1875: Khaim-Dovid,
1876: Meilakh, Essel, Beniomin-Girsh,
1877: Yankel-Zalman, Isroil-Yankel-Iosif-Khaim (1 person, 4 names),
Leiba-Itska, Mikhel
1878: Shaya, Abram-Yankel, Essel-Aron, Meir
1879: Shmuil, Leiba, Gershon, Khaim-Dovid, Ekhel-Leizer, Pinkhus
Berka, Shmuil, Zavel-Leizer
1880: Mikhel-Leizer, Essel-Aron, Mordukh,
1881: Sholom-Itska, Isroil, Pinkhos, Yankel
1882: Gershon, Shaya-Leib,
1883: Khaim-Berka, Meir, Isroil-Shevel, Leiba, Leiba
1884: Mordukh, Pinkhos, Litman (twins), Kahim-Dovid, Shaya-Leib,
1885: Movsha-Yankel, Yankel, Mendel
1886: Nosson, Khaim-Dovid, Gershon
1887: Isroil, Mendel
1888: Khaim, Mikhel-Leizer
1889: Essel-Aron, Essel, Vulf, Shmuil, Nosson-Mendel, Gershon,
Pinkhos-Yankel, Aron
1890: Movsha, Khaim-Dovid, Lipman, Meir, Abram, Mikhel-Leizer
1891: Movsha Isroilev (son of Israel), Mihel, Shmuil Movshov (son of
Movsha), Khaim-Dovid, LIFSHIOTS Aron
1892: Tinel, Gerson, Essel, Yankel, Itska, Mendel, Meir, Mikhel
Movsha, Movsha, Shmuil,

Whew! That's it, Steven. Enough to start on??? Re: 1891 above. During
some years, the persons (many different handwritings) who compiled the
index were careful to put the patrynomic in the index. Most entries have
no patrynomics. Perhaps the person compiling certain years and certain
letters of the alphabet were >from those families where the patrynomics
were included. Incidents of patrynomic included are few and far between,
limited to certain letters and certain years.
Again I always reiterate again and again: These are fathers of
the baby boys born in those years. Incidence of so many on this partial
list (1864-1894) when the records start at 1837 (for this set of
seven-rolls), mean the records are a goldmine for anyone looking for
LIFSHITS in Mogilev. Good luck!
Best wishes,
Schelly Talalay Dardashti

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