SZENCZER #hungary

David Sencer

My grandfather immigrated >from Hungary in 1882 and we have not been able to find
anything about his family or life in Hungary. The Census for 1900 lists him as
Senzer, Ignatz. All records since then are SENCER

We have recently found in the rabbinical birth records a record of one of his sons
(an uncle of mine). The information is
SZENCZER, Adolf 14-Dec-1876
M Ignatz
Borbala GROSZ Miskolc / 1876-207
Borsod Miskol

Ignatz' Naturalization paper identifies him as SCZENCZER.

Do any members of the SIG have knowledge of such a family? Our family tree is on
file as Sencer, Ignatz We are 17076

Thanks for any help you can give.

David Sencer

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