Re: "status quo"? #hungary


There were some Orthodox Rabbis (in the full sense) who did not want
to belong to the Ortodoxem for different reasons.
For example in Carei/Nagykaroly (Krule) Rabbi Mayer Pearls (1811-1893)
did not become part of the Ortodoxem even thou he was one of the
greatest opponents of the Neologem. It is said that joining the
Ortodoxem would undermine the Rabbinical power in the community.
In the later years there was a strife between different Hasidim who
should be Rabbi, and since the Government only recognized one
Congregation, one Hasiddis had to create a Status quo Shul.

Another example is in Sighet when followers of a different Rabbi did
not want to belong to the same Shul so they created a Status quo Shul
. What comes out is that you have to look at each town differently.
For all you know the Status quo was as Religious (or more) then the

If you name of the town it will be helpfully in answering your question.

Shloimie Schwartz
Monsey, New York

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