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Dear friends and Sarah,

What Sarah wrote is correct and I apologize for not having mentioned this in
my original message. Nevertheless, this information was also published by
Avotaynu (last issue of their newsletter, titled "Another Auschwitz
Database"). Avotaynu is a very reliable source of genealogical data and
issues, so if they also commented this site it is because they found some
merit to mention it to the genealogical community.

The idea is that if this site contains names that haven't been published by
the Auschwitz official site then that list has value for us the researchers.

Furthermore, the *key point* I was trying to make with my message was that
*both lists are important* for those who lost Slovak relatives in Auschwitz
exactly because the Slovakian Jews were the first one to be sent to
Auschwitz and both lists cover the camp's initial period of operation.

If I offended somebody by pointing a revisionist site then I am excusing
myself here.


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I'm not sure, Tom, if you read the whole web site that you referred to as a
source of additional names of victims of Auschwitz. As I read the
information on the web site, I realized that it was created by holocaust

Sarah Appel

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