Sip utca 13 #hungary

Beth Long

Yesterday I was at the Budapest Jewish Community office at Sip utca, and had an
interesting meeting with someone whose job is interfacing with with international
Jewish community on matters having to do with Hungary.

I shared with him a few experiences I have had while trying to obtain information
at Sip utca, and I few ideas I had for perhaps making the place a little more

He gave me his contact information so that the rest of you can share any experiences
you have had there (whether positive or negative), and any suggestions you might

My own suggestion was to take the (already computerized) database of Budapest
Jewish records, and put it online so that people could do their own research
(rather than having to rely on the two ladies in the office to do it for them).

His name is Tamas Desi, and his e-mail is

Best Wishes to All,

Beth Long

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