Two Useful Books #hungary


I have borrowed two books >from the Palos Verdes Library District, using =
Interlibrary Loans. I think they could be useful for H-sig members.

The English title of the first is Jews in the Habsburg Armed Forces, =
1788-1918. The author is Erwin A Schmidl. The book is part of Studia =
Judaica Austriaca, It was published by the Osterreicheisches Judisches =
Museum in 1989.

Most of the book is in both English and German. The book was published =
in conjunction with an exhibit honoring the start of conscription of Jew =
in 1788 , A theme is that Jewish civil rights followed civic =
responsibilities, including defense.

The book contains graphs based on data >from the Military Statistics =
Yearbook published in Vienna.

The first set of graphs presents the distribution of Jewish soldiers, in =
19 fields, in 1872, 1904, and 1911. The second set shows the =
distribution of Jewish officers in 1897, 1904, and 1911, separately for =
active and reserve forces. The third set shows the distribution of =
Jewish officials for 1897, 1904, and 1911.=20

The categories are given in German.

Based on the small number of Jewish officers in the cavalry, I hired a =
researcher who found listings for my paternal grandfather in the =
Yearbooks in the Museum of Military History in Budapest. He also found =
several of my grandfather's military histories, including his birth date =
and place, and his education.=20

I have only glanced at the second book, titled Handy Guide to Hungarian =
Genealogical Records, by Jared H. Suess, published by Everton =
Publications, Inc. The Guide contains a wide variety of topics, Some of =
the topics are Hungarian alphabet and grammar, Hungarian names, using =
Hungarian gazetteers, maps, and a listing of historical events, for =
Austria and Hungary, >from the first millennium B.C. to 1947.

Samuel Kraus

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

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