KAFKA from Strakonice #austria-czech

Amira Kohn-Trattner <amira.kt@...>

Any KAFKA's in the Strakonice area would, most likely, in my view be related
to Franz KAFKA whose ancestors (and mine) came >from a small village in the
Strakonice-Pisek area called Wossek (or Osek). Wossek was the birthplace of
Franz's father, Herrmann Kafka. Franz's grandfather Jakob Kafka is buried
in Wossek (a beautiful small cemetery in the middle of the woods in the
Wossek area). Jakob was the brother of my gt.gt.grandfather Leopold Kafka
who also lived in the area but according to the National (Czech) Archives
was >from Bukowina where he was a manager of a farm. He moved to Prague in
the 1870's and was the proprietor of many cafes including the "original"
Kafka Cafe. His daughter, Maria (Miriam) Kafka was my great grandmother and
first cousin of Herrmann. I know "my" Kafka's lived on the "Jewish street"
in Wossek and were Kosher butchers. Since Strakonice was so close I would
think that some of the Kafka's >from Wossek were related to the Strakonice
Kafkas. Unfortunately, at this stage my research has not gone beyond this

Amira Kohn-Trattner

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