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The interesting question of movment between the various counties (megye) of Hungary has been raised.
I can only discuss the revelations of my own family research.
In the case of my Podwinec ancestors, 4 brothers arrived in Hungary >from Bohemia in the period prior to the 1848 Revolution. They settled in three places. Their numerous offspring typically left one male child in the home town and the rest seemed to migrate. So in the period 1860-1900 about two dozen persons (not counting those who went to the US) went to 12 or more different places plus Budapest and one to Vienna. Some had specialized skills, others were simply traders.
In my Rosenberg ancestry movement was a real situation with four successive generations living in four different towns or cities, plus emigration to the US and to Budapest.
The family of my father were Catholics >from western Hungary. My Great grandfather bought land near the county seat and moved most of his family there. His eldest son (my grandfather) went to south Hungary. His grandchildren lived in five or six places.
My friends whose genealogy I have done and who are not Jewish, reflect this sort of mobility as well. The family did not go to Budapest but the did go to towns where there were more opportunities.
Having said all that, I do have one friend whose family has been farming in the same area >from time immemorial.

I think in is hard to make hard and fast rules about migration, but in all of my historical work (including in France) populations were more fluid that we might otherwise think.

Peter Bakos
St-Crespin, France

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