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Henry Wellisch <henry.kelwel@...>

I was at the Library at the U of Toronto to have a look at the article
in Judaica Bohemiae on the history of the Jewish cemetery in
Trebitsch. It is in English and the authors are Vlastimila Hamackova
and Jirina Sedinova. The oldest stone is >from the year 1641 and at
that time and until the beginning of the 19th century inscription were
all in Hebrew. Then they changed to German and there are also some in
Judendeutsch, meaning that they are in German but with Hebrew
characters. The article mentions many names among them Otto SPIRA who
died in 1911.. >from the 1930s on more inscriptions are in Czech.
I also wanted to have another look at the famous book on Moravia by
Hugo Gold, but it was out. However a later book by Gold on Moravia
published after the war, entitled Gedenkbuch der untergegangenen
Judengeminden Maehrens (Memorial book on the destroyed Jewish
communities of Moravia) was on the shelf. This book is not as detailed
as the other one, but it does mention that Leopold SPIRA was
Buergermeister >from 1901 to 1904.
Henry Wellisch

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