Re: Balassagyarmat Cemetery #hungary


Dear Karl,

I am responding to your query in the H-SIG Digest of July 18.

I visited the Balassagyarmat Jewish cemetery in late May, where I also have
relatives buried.

I met a man by the name of Béla Majdán who is presently working on a list of
all the gravestones in this cemetery. I was given a book that this man
published in 2004; perhaps I could look up if some relatives of yours are
mentioned therein?

Unfortunately though his English is very limited and I have sent him a
follow-up e-mail to my visit, but to date have not had a response. FYI, his
email is: <snip>

I would be interested in how your investigations go.

I hope this is of some assistance.

As I am a very new member, has any other information with regard to this
cemetery been previously made available to this group?

Jennifer Strike

Melbourne, Australia

H-SIG Moderator: Please contact Jennifer off-list for further info. Private
e-mail has been deleted per JewishGen policy.

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