Hungarian Name Changes--URL Correction #hungary


There was a typo in the URL. The correct URL is
Or, instead of using the RadixIndex link, go directly to the book on the =
KlimoTheca website at =


Someone at the conference inquired about the book that listed changed =
surnames. I can't recall who requested the information but since it may =
be of general interest, here's the information.

The Hungarian title of this work, which was published in Budapest in =
1895, is: Sz=C3=A1zadunk n=C3=A9vv=C3=A1ltoztat=C3=A1sai : =
Helytart=C3=B3s=C3=A1gi =C3=A9s miniszteri enged=C3=A9lylyel =
megv=C3=A1ltoztatott nevek gy=C5=B1jtem=C3=A9nye 1800-1893. The rough =
translation is "Surname changes of our century"

The book is among those scanned by Pecs University and can be browsed at =
their marvelous KlimoTheca website. For a more detailed description and =
a link to the KlimoTheca digital library, go to the RadixIndex at = Click on =
Tartalomjegyz=C3=A9k and the starting letter of the surname.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

ADLER/Sighet, Giulesti, Rom. (Maramarossziget, Gyulafalva, Hun.)
Hung.); Seini, Rom. (Szinervaralja, Hun), Vamfalu, Hung. (Vama, Rom.)
FERBER/Sajoszentpeter, Hun, Nahariya, Israel; FRIEDMAN/Sighet, Oradea, =
Satu Mare, Rom.
GROSZ/Orasu Nou, Rom., Szatmar megye, Hung.; GRUNVALD/Humenne, Slov.
KAHAN/ZEGAL Sighet, Rom.(Maramarossziget, Hun)
KOHN/Zebegnyo, Tarnoka, Zemplen, Hun. ,(Zbehnov, Trnvka, Slov.), =
KORNIS/Miskolc, Hung.; LEFKOVICS/Zemplen megye, Hung.
MARKUS/Sepsiszentgyorgy, Hung. (Sfante Gheorghu, Rom)
MOSKOVITS/MOSKOWITZ/MOSS, Ostrov (Kisozstro), Sobrance, Michalovce, =
Kosice, Slov; Nyiregyhaza, Hung; Cleveland
NEUMANN/Sobrance, Michalovce, Kereszt (Kristy, Slov.); =
POLACSEK/Sobrance, Ung megye, Hung.
ROSENBLUM/Oradea, Satu Mare, Rom. ROSENBERG/Ungvar (Uzhorod, Ukr.); =
VERO, WEISBERGER/Debrecen, Nyirbator; ZICHERMAN/Sobrance

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